Monday, April 4, 2011

Dinner with Rebecca and Making New Friends

Saturday night I was invited to dine with the very wonderful and gracious Rebecca, without whom I would not be here enjoying these amazing experiences.  I was treated to fantastic meats, unmatchable wine and some really amazing company (again, no pictures but sorry I need to eat).  The table consisted of two Danes, a Frenchman, three Italians and myself.  Conversation around the table shifted in and out of different languages so quickly it was like dining in the Tower of Babel (I am positive it had nothing to do with my wine consumption).  Those at the table put great effort into using English as much as possible as to not exclude me from the conversation which was hugely appreciated.
One of the locals, Massimo, took me around Colle the next day and told me stories of the town and his family which has lived here for generations.  That evening he took me to "a real restaurant that had not given into the BS tourists" to show me how a real Tuscan ate.  We were joined by two of his friends who, again, spoke (mainly) English over dinner.  I greatly enjoyed a first course of ravioli with fresh ricotta and truffles and stuffed myself with ossobuco.  Yeah, didn't take pictures of that either but I do promise to get some food pictures and not just countryside.

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  1. Awesome! It sounds like you're enjoying yourself. Keep the updates coming, and make with the pictures!